Update: School Statements on RAAC 8/9/23 updated 15/09/23

Sep 8, 2023

“We can confirm that pupils from St. James Catholic Primary School, Hebburn are all now back in face-to-face learning. Reception Class are situated within St. James Church in their Emmaeus room. Years 1 – 4 are situated in a small section of classrooms at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy and Years 5 and 6 are situated at St. Aloysius Catholic Junior School. All pupils are being taught by St. James’ staff in their respective locations.

We would like to thank our pupils, parents and staff for their continued patience and support. We would also like to give a huge thanks to our friends and colleagues across our Trust for their support, and our wonderful local parish and parishioners for accommodating us at such very short notice.”

Mrs Francesca Heslop, Headteacher, St. James Catholic Primary School, Hebburn

“Having just dropped my daughter off for school this morning, something that I didn’t think would be possible given the news late last week regarding the school having to close. I would like to send a huge thanks to Mrs Heslop and all the fantastic staff involved in working tirelessly to ensure that our children could return to face-to-face education with minimum disruption.

I was slightly concerned that my daughter might feel slightly anxious and intimidated moving to the much larger St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy-  but she was fine, and the children were greeted this morning by your lovely smiling staff. This is testament to their professionalism, but more importantly their passion and love for St. James school and the children.” Chris Walker, parent.


Our EYFS (Reception & Nursery) pupils are being taught face to face by our staff at English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School. They are being transported to and from English Martyrs by bus organised by school. 
From Thursday 14 September our Year 1 – Year 6 pupils will be based at Gabriel House, which is located next to St Anthony’s Catholic Academy in Sunderland, taught face to face by our staff. Again transport will be provided by school.   
We would like to thank our pupils, parents and staff for their continued patience and support during these extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. We would also like to give a huge thanks to our colleagues across the Trust for their support, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School and of course to the Sisters of Mercy, Sunderland. 
Mrs Lianne Peart, Headteacher, St. John Bosco Catholic Primary School, Sunderland

“It was a little nerve wracking not knowing what might happen, but the staff have done an amazing job to get the children back to school and settled in the current circumstances. My daughter is absolutely thrilled to have started school now.” Stephanie, Parent.


From Monday 11 September, all year groups will be in school on a rotation with virtual provision on the days they are not in school. Our Sixth Form students will have lessons delivered by our staff at Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, which is adjacent to our school site. All information on these arrangements will be provided to parents and shared on our social media. We are continuing to explore alternate arrangements for face-to-face teaching for all pupils and are confident we will have a further update next week. We would like to thank our colleagues across our Trust and our local communities for their support and our pupils, parents and staff for their continued patience.

Mrs Frances Cessford, Headteacher, St. Bede Catholic School & Byron Sixth Form, Peterlee

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