School Admissions


Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust is the admissions authority for its member schools and is responsible for determining its admission arrangements.

Each school has an Admissions Policy for each academic year. They are written to comply with the School Admissions Code and School Admissions Appeals Code and Diocesan guidance. The Local Governing Committees of each school play an active part in the admissions process.

School policies are available on the individual school websites.

Normal Round (September) Admission Applications

The Local Authorities that we work within currently centrally co-ordinate the admissions processes for all of their schools, including academies. Parents seeking a place for their child in the normal admissions round (i.e. for entry into reception, Year 3 at St. Aloysius Catholic Junior School or Year 7 in September), should make an application directly to the relevant Local Authority:

South Tyneside



If your child does not get a place at any of the primary or secondary schools you applied for, you can appeal against this decision.  The process differs slightly depending on which Local Authority your school is in so please view the relevant Local Authority website (links above) to find out how to lodge an appeal. Once lodged your appeal will be decided by a panel which is independent of both the school and the local authority and the decision is binding on all parties. Appeal panels are usually held between May and July 2022 for a September 2022 intake.

In-Year Admission Applications

Please contact the individual school, for information on how to make an in-year admission application.