Christmas safety

Published: 14th December 2020

As we’re getting ever close to the Christmas break, we know just how exciting this time is for all of our pupils and their families.

This year, more so than ever, people are looking forward to spending time with their loved ones, something the government has recognised and as such has eased the Covid restrictions to allow for this over the five days from 23-27 December. However, as everyone knows, despite the vaccine developments, the risk of infection to this serious disease hasn’t gone away.

As a Trust we wish all of our pupils, staff, their families and our wider communities a very happy Christmas and know that many will take advantage of being able to see loved ones during this time. However, we have seen the devastating consequences of this virus on people across all of our school communities and it has been a very distressing time for a lot of families. As such, we urge you all to please stay alert as well as safe during your festivities. Look after yourselves and each other so that we can all return fit and well in January.

To view the government’s guidance over Christmas, see: